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Life 1st CAD

— Computer Aided Dispatch, the state of the art.

Computer Aided Dispatch: an advanced hub

Life 1st is Beta 80’s software factory latest product and it’s the most innovating CAD platform in the industry. Based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and completely web-based, Life 1st is available both in cloud and on-premise. It guarantees all the most advanced technological standards (multi-tenancy, integrations via open API, configurable interface) and complete management of emergency procedures.

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A complete platform

Life 1st includes:

  • Event management, with the possibility to automatically locate the caller, view integrated maps, categorize an event through multiple choice interviews, create tasks-lists and upload emergency procedures. Plus the possibility of an interaction with data gathered through Social Media, to integrate metadata of the event.
  • Dispatching, with a complex resources selection algorithm, breaking the barrier of choice according to the proximity of the vehicle. Life 1st can be programmed to select the most appropriate vehicles, using several rules and factors such as distance, time, weather, location. It can access a database listing vehicles, people, buildings, tools and more, guaranteeing the best emergency reaction seen on a CAD service.
  • ePCR (electronic Patient Care Record) is dedicated to medical aid. Life 1st includes an ePCR form shared with Mobile CAD, specifically developed for ambulances. Life 1st can digitalize the original paper patient’s card and transform it into a proper patient’s data adding module, totally personalized, client by client.