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Life 1st CAD

— the complete Computer Aided Dispatch

Computer Aided Dispatch: an advanced hub

Life 1st is the most innovative CAD platform in the industry. Based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), completely web, available in cloud or on-premise, Life 1st guarantees all the most advanced technological standards (multi-tenancy, integrations via open API, configurable interface) and the completeness of management of the procedures emergency.

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Francesco Silanos

Business Unit Director

A complete platform

  • Call Taking, with automatic caller location, triage for event classification, emergency tasks and procedures, Social Media integration.
  • Dispatching, with a complex resource selection algorithm. Life 1st can be programmed to select suitable units and ensuring the most appropriate response.
  • Maps with layers and tools that support operators in locating the event and displaying the information
  • Analytics, a module for analyzing operational data and generating reports useful for understanding the performance of the various PSAP components.
  • Mobile solutions for emergency personnel and private citizens. Life 1st includes an ePCR – electronic Patient Care Record card, shared with the Mobile CAD part. Life 1st digitizes the patient file making it interactive.