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Life 1st Mobile

— On-site operative room.

A fast and efficient communication

Speed ​​information, precision in sharing, rapid reaction: these are the characteristics that make an Emergency Center performing and citizens safer. Beta 80’s mobile device platforms gather the most advanced tools to smooth the center operators ‘and on-site rescuers’ work, coordinating people and resources, avoiding slowing IT systems.

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Apps and systems for rescuers

Beta 80 offers a wide range of mobile solutions for on-site operators and situations of crisis, both for iOS and Android, already used by many regions and single citizens. The secret of this system is Smart Hub, the universal solution designed to include a series of key features dedicated to all First Responders (doctors, firefighters, police forces), ambulances and fire brigade vehicles operators, and citizens offering first assistance services.

Life1st Smarthub brings the simplicity of everyday-apps into the Emergency world. It’s possible to receive notifications for new events, send pictures, flag the staff’s status, follow a route towards the assigned event, and be able to communicate with colleagues and the operative center via chat.

The solution offers specific modules for processes management, and it’s possible to customize and record the reaction method, reports and data. Smart Hub gathers different kinds of information such as reports of functionings, police, customized patients on ambulances, intervention or inspection reports for the fire brigade.

Finally, Beta 80 offers Life 1st ePCR (Electronic Patient Clinical Record) dedicated to ambulances: this extension allows the system to show an actual clinical report on a tablet, to be filled up and sent to the Operative Center.