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— Where Are U: the official 112 app in Italy.

Beta 80 alongside citizens

Beta 80 is alongside citizens. To complete the rescue process, Beta 80 offers apps to be downloaded on one’s smartphone to get a better response from rescue services. Since 2014 Beta 80 has been developing Where Are U, the app the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs officialized as a tool for emergency calls to 112 and the automatic location of the caller.

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Where ARE U app is available for free downloading. It revolutions the emergency call: thanks to GPS locates directly the caller’s position and sends it to the operational room. Thank to dedicated icons it allows the ask for help on a silent mode – for situations where the caller can’t talk, or via direct chat with the operator in the Emergency Center. The app is easy to use for everyone, but it’s specially designed for the needs of problematic citizens. The profile is customizable with personal data to be shared with the emergency operator.




Beta 80 is the Italian app for 112. Can you use it abroad, too? Yes, very soon. Beta 80 partners with PEMEA to build a European app network so that every citizen will be able to use their emergency app even while travelling.