Emergency / Out of Hours Medical Service

Out of Hours Medical Service

— Safeguarding health as a priority.

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Beta 80 offers solutions to all of those healthcare service centers taking care of all those situations that are not urgent but still not deferrable. Our solutions focus on improving the management of available resources. Our systems allow users to count on a unique access point as an answer to the citizens’ health needs, with a logic of care continuity. Our mission is to guarantee a service that is qualified and fits well in its territorial network, in order to ease the integration with basic health services, emergency, urgency and hospitals.

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Our solutions are dedicated to those bodies and authorities taking care of citizens needing care and assistance. We offer solutions in the field of Out-of-hours medical services and the Territorial Operational Room. For this last one, in particular, our system is able to simplify the patient’s data recovery and past clinic history.

This way citizens can benefit from a more effective service, and authorities can maximize efforts and resources with our tested model, available for regions wanting to answer to Legislative Decree “Relaunch”.

A complete view on booked patient transportations

Transporting those in need of care is not easy. It’s crucial to consider their needs, the supporting staff’s, the equipment, the schedule and the most appropriate route. Beta 80’s solution simplifies the transfer booking, providing effective options and precise in every detail. The applicative system can be integrated with the EMS, and can be managed directly from care structures or third-party associations.