A safer community

Citizens ask for their safety and their goods’. A modern and advanced community focuses on safety, safeguard and the protection on people and properties while facing natural disasters, crisis situations, public security events. Here is where Beta 80’s technological solutions are born. With our +25 years experience in collaborating with institutions and private entities, today we offer technologies and planning models to help build any Operation Center. Our Suite Life 1st is dedicated to 112 and First Aid services, while Help 1st is for calls for non-deferrable interventions. Safety 1st is for Civil Defense and Control 1st for the remote monitoring of the operational staff and protected environments.

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Francesco Silanos

Business Unit Director

Out of Hours Medical Service

Optimize resources, for quality caring.


Civil Defense

Plan in times of peace, act in times of crisis.


Control Rooms

Technologies for a remote monitoring.



New solutions against pandemic