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A safer community

Everywhere in the world, people demand safety and security for themselves, their loved ones, and their properties.

A modern community places a strong focus on assisting its citizens in different emergency types: natural disasters, crisis situations, public safety events.

This is the mission behind all Beta 80 solutions. After 30 years of experience, we offer technologies and organizational models to plan, prepare and operate different types of Public Safety Answering Points: the Life 1st suite for 112 and second level PSAPs; Help 1st for continuity of care requests; Safety 1st for Civil Protection, and Control 1st for private control rooms.

Public Safety Answering Points

Single European number 112, emergency medical operators, firefighters, police. Beta 80 software and services support over 70 PSAPs worldwide in making decisions, acting rapidly, and guaranteeing assistance in the worst moments. High-performance, functional and intuitive solutions, equipped with coordination and control structures, specialized personnel, operational protocols, updated procedures, integrated technological platforms, cutting-edge vehicles, and equipment. Beta 80 Group is a EENA – European Emergency Number Association member.


Computer Aided Dispatch

The core of the Public Safety Answering Point. ...



Automatic Mobile Location. ...



Automatic Emergency call from your vehicle ...



The new frontier of emergency communication ...

Continuity of Care Solutions

For the response to non-urgent but non-deferrable calls, Beta 80 offers Help 1st, a complete software suite to support call takers in managing the available resources in the best possible way.

Help 1st offers a single access point to respond to requests for information or services from citizens for complete and structured continuity of care.

The goal is to support agencies to ensure quality service in the territorial network, favoring the integration of basic medicine, emergency, and hospital services with a special focus on the development of single European 116 117 call centers.


116117: the first PSAP in Italy inaugurated in Lombardy


Case Study 116 117 in Lombardy


116117: what the data tells us


Italian Red Cross: a new software for the National Response Center

Civil Defense

The Civil Protection System is complex, it involves local authorities with different roles and responsibilities: Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, and Departments have the task of protecting the population and the territory in the event of an emergency.

These tasks require constant work and include both territorial monitoring and planning of interventions, and specific activities in the event of a crisis. In this context, the ability to cooperate with each other and communicate with speed becomes vital.

Beta 80’s commitment is to create open solutions that cover all stages of this process, integrating with existing technological systems. We created vertical software solutions on specific processes that adapt to the context by dedicating the maximum effort to preserve pre-existing technologies and investments.


Safety 1st for Emergency Operation Centers

supporting EOC in the event of an emergency ...


Citizen alert

communication tools for citizens and organizations ...

Control Rooms

Control 1st is Beta 80’s technological suite to support organizations in all phases of the incident management process. Control 1st allows the unified control of technological resources and their correlation with operational processes.

Highly configurable, it has a strong strategic impact on the entire organization. Control 1st generates quality data on the tracked information and processes, with full analysis and reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions.


Risk & Crisis Management - Control 1st

Technologies and tools for the safeguard of people and assets ...


Incident Mastery Platform

Control Room tools to preserve your assets ...


1st Expand solutions are designed to enrich the product portfolio offered by Beta 80 Group for the Emergency Management sector. Thanks to their additional functions, they integrate perfectly with the 1st family Application Suites: Life 1st, Help 1st, Safety 1st e Control 1st. The ideal choice for improving emergency response capability and operational efficiency.




Innovate interaction with caller ...


Beta 80 has been dealing with emergencies for more than 20 years, but the COVID-19 outbreak was an unprecedented situation. With half the planet’s population confined at home to limit the outbreak, our team of professionals is staying side by side to our Emergency Management customers, introducing extreme solutions for extreme situations: near-real time configuration of interview filters, PSAP setup in less than 24 hours, e-learning for new medical dispatchers.


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Covid19 Triage in Lombardy


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