Life at Beta 80

— The development of the company is based on people.

The company we want

Nowadays, to talk about career means to mention a company able to evolve and build possibilities together with its collaborators, allowing the team to deliver deep and solid accomplishments. It means to give credit to whole responsibilities. It also means to talk about collaborators who aim for complete awareness of their resources and possibilities, who work to build their personal credibility within teams and clients. They work to adapt to change, embracing it with curiosity and openness, always learning in many ways. The keywords are agility and planning: to focus on specific soft skills in order to turn them into hard skills, giving credit to the fact that, in such a moving context, what it really counts is to EXCEED IT.

Our Culture

People and work are central to our vision. Because Beta 80 constantly invests on people, focusing on the importance of every single talent, looking for trust and building a positive and ethic work-culture, improving conditions. We believe work allows people to express themselves, transforming reality, making it better, especially when one works with expertise, focus, passion and energy.


Beta 80’s experience offers many elements to build that social attitude that is important in keeping sharings productive, collaborations accurate and innovation ready. Some of them are ideal to promote knowledge sharing and constant improvement. Some others aim to self-awareness and brand promotion.

Participating in external events and organizing internal initiatives. Moments of sharing in the company life and the promotion of Beta 80 Group as a brand at events of the industry. “Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success”. Everything is lived, shared and spread so that no richness of the life within the company gets lost.



Our job takes up an important part of our day. It’s a crucial element in people’s satisfaction. Taking care of the place we work in, is equally important. In a time when the focus is on agile work, we reflect every single day on what it means to be agile in our job and we work hard in building it. Clear and shared strategies, a diffuse culture, appropriate and modern spaces, balanced policies allow us to work smart wherever we are. In our offices, at the client’s, at home.


For a growing company that has been highly competitive for 30 years and is determined to stay so, development is necessary. Beta 80 believes in a diffuse growth culture. This is why we dedicate space to the spread of a performance management culture. Because what really counts is to direct collaborators towards a successful performance for their own growth and the company’s.

Professional training’s true goal is to start the spark of possibility. To encourage the person to say: “I can do something, I can be something”. Discovering it is possible to go beyond one’s limits, gives a lot of energy, allows the person to get new knowledge and skills and realize things they haven’t noticed before. What if the line at the horizon is pushed further? How to feed our desire for knowledge? Can learning just be at the institutional meaning of it? Can we really think in this time of fast changes training can be offered just by companies? We don’t believe so. Everyone must keep learning, stay up-to-date and not consider themselves arrived. Together with institutional training, Beta 80 builds spaces for discussion – physical and virtual – and encourages the sharing of knowledge through yearly initiatives and the rise of professional communities. This makes our company an organization that is always learning.


Hired, immediately. This is what Beta 80’s Academies are designed for, together with specialized partners. Technology professionals and soft skills trainers plan paths able to bring you into the core of the company, training on the most leading technologies.

Beta 80 and young talents

Beta 80 looks at the young and it’s always at the search for next talents, to support them and help them take a successful road towards competence. This is why we have always had a conversation with high schools, universities and IFTS. To them, we offer our expertise in the IT market and on work in general to help students get oriented with dedicated interventions and the design of educative events.

Alumni BetAgain

BETA AGAIN. It is still Beta. In a different way, out of known places and patterns.

BET AGAIN. We can bet again, albeit on new premises, because we are certain of the result already experienced, since we have already journeyed together a part of the road.