Corporate/ Life at Beta 80

Beta 80 and young talents

— Training and internships.

Opportunities for students

Beta 80 looks at the young and it’s always at the search for next talents, to support them and help them take a successful road towards competence. This is why we have always had a conversation with high schools, universities and IFTS. To them, we offer our expertise in the IT market and on work in general to help students get oriented with dedicated interventions and the design of educative events.

A method and a great passion in education


Beta 80 offers the possibility to be settled in the company to all those high-school students benefitting from School-Work Alternation. We give university students the possibility to spend their internship with us to complete their studies or to start facing the work environment right after graduation.

Eventually, Beta 80 is active in its territory with short-term and mid-term projects to build competencies useful for our business needs through Academy projects and IFTS training. All the above possibilities, despite their final output, guarantee a path to build competences with the help of our HR tutors and a technical delivery support team.

This allows the student to shift from experimenting in protected situations to the real operativity within our work teams.


Academy and internships


Academy is our way to introduce young talents with an informatic or technical-scientific background to the Beta 80 world. We do it partnering with the main players in the work market. To students and former students, we propose specialized training with the aim of job placement. Internships let them immediately face the workplace, giving them the possibility to learn while doing.

A tutor is always there to help the intern familiarize with the company and its processes. We assist the intern towards a real consciousness of the dynamics, our clients, our methods. Constant feedback and the tutor’s supervision lead the student towards independence.