— A long-term project, with a constant growth.

Beta 80 Group

The company has grown alongside its customers and today plays a leading role in the ICT market, both in Italy and abroad. The numbers, always growing, document this. But not only. The company we have built is a long-term project, which focuses on the assets and values ​​that have always supported it: to grow free with the strength of one’s own means; take care of the development of human resources; collaborate between colleagues, customers and partners; being able to effectively answer to customers’ needs. And each milestone reached is only the beginning of a new journey, aware that to bring value you must overcome yourself. Exceed it.


We face every single project, every challenge, always aiming to give the best of ourselves, to overcome limits and improve every day. To go beyond our and our customers’ expectations. Each work, each project is a journey in which we know we can leave a mark. With a curious spirit open to the future, which has always been and still is the cornerstone of the corporate culture: learning, comparing to improve and collaborate, first of all with our customers. This is why we always build long-term relationships, for a business project that lasts over time.

Who we are

We work for a business project capable of having a positive impact on reality, thanks to the shareholders, who are the founding partners, and who all hold operational roles in the company. We are free to make entrepreneurial choices that promote a corporate culture, open to talented young managers, active in corporate life, but who – above all – share a non-speculative approach to business. Beta 80 Group is the project, which has become a reality, of a group of students of Milan’s Politecnico, who more than 35 years ago decided to do business with a curious spirit and open to the future, always looking for feedback on the goodness and effectiveness of their initiative.

What we do

That our business model works is shown not only by constant growth over time, but by the loyalty of our customers, confirmed year after year. In a sector that is evolving at high speed, we have chosen a positioning consistent with our mission: we are focused on areas of specialization, platforms either proprietary or best-of-breed, to be effective and excellent. We intercept emerging technological trends in advance and choose reliable and valuable partners.

Partnership and certifications

The partnerships multiply the value that Beta 80 Group brings to customers: the design possibilities are widened and the excellences are integrated.

The certifications attest to our skills, but do not tell about our ability to listen and identify, the ability to adapt to the most diverse contexts.

That passion that brings added value where it is needed and where it makes the difference. The certifications, in addition to guaranteeing the compliance of the skills with the reference standards, increase the value of the solutions we offer you.

Contact us

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