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— Operations management: efficiency and efficacy.

AI to accelerate innovation

According to IDC, digital transformation is spreading with unprecedented power. To allow a company to implement Operations Management, IT Automation and Monitoring solutions, means to design the business’ processes and point them towards the future. Because using Artificial Intelligence for Operations lets companies compete globally.

Operations Management

IT organizations are responding to digital transformation by adopting more adequate IT monitoring tools than legacy ones. It is no longer enough to have vertical monitoring tools for specific domains that are unable to help organizations improve the user experience. Furthermore, one of the priorities of IT Operation is maximizing the availability of systems, and automation can make a great contribution. In this context, Beta 80 Group offers monitoring platforms based on AIOps technologies with an Observability approach, with the aim of identifying problems before they impact the business. Finally, reliability: delegating repetitive activities to IT automation allows you to limit potential errors: it increases customer satisfaction, service rating and consequently revenue.


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Process Optimization & Automation

Stats say the 63% office work will be affected and changed by automation in the next few years, and companies wanting to take advantage of digital transformation can’t ignore that. Beta 80 Group’s RPA offer enables the organization to get this opportunity according to its strategic choices and business objectives, saving time and money, giving its resources the possibility to requalify for more critical roles and less repetitive.


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