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DevOps as a business culture change

The current landscape shows that the volume of business-critical applications and systems is growing continuously. In parallel, time to market is the most important driver of any business choice. DevOps is a model that enables cross-functional development teams to build software solutions faster. These, leveraging automation, ensure reliability, security, scalability and rapid deployment. Beta 80 Group, thanks to its experience and expertise on the main DevOps products (Microsoft Azure DevOps and Jenkins), is able to bring to its customers all the advantages of the DevOps chain, both in on-premise and cloud environments. Beta 80 Group – thanks to its own Software Factory – works alongside customers to implement agile methodologies, providing them with flexibility, scalability and method. It is the right approach to those experiments necessary for business innovation.

IT Governance

Companies with high IT costs often operate in highly regulated markets and often have to manage high organizational and technological complexities. For these companies Beta 80 Group offers solid governance and control models, to let organizations rapidly take the right path and make conscious choices, turn them into actions, and verify results constantly.


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Software Factories & Consulting Services

The current IT scenario is highly fragmented, and the responding time for requests ends up to be slow and confusing. Looking at this, Beta 80 offers Agile Software Factory: independent and cross-functional teams implementing the software production process through agile methodologies and DevOps practices, giving the client flexibility, scalability and method to manage delivery and stimulate innovation.


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