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Employee Experience

— Innovation, productivity, security.

The business of the future invests on its collaborators’ experience

The modern workplace goes beyond walls and distances, that’s why it needs appropriate solutions. The changes companies are facing are radical, and puts the person and their experience at the center. Avoiding any waste of time, guaranteeing security, answering to the team’s mobility needs: Beta 80’s approach is based on a SaaS model, with tools able to support the employee in an integrated way.

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Andrea Casiraghi

Line of Business Manager

Why focusing on the Employee Experience

Stats say in the next 10 years the 35% of white collars will work mainly remotely and by 2021 the 60% of PMI will adopt solutions to support their employees in mobility. This is why high performing solutions such as cloud, emails and conferencing will be more and more crucial for every business. Actually, they are, already. To face this, Beta 80 offers the full Microsoft Office 365 pack. As a Microsoft Partner, we provide services such as Platform (installation, migration, licensing, governance, consulting, training), Collaboration (Teams, Sharepoint, One Drive), Communication (Outlook), Enterprise voice (Teams, Skype for Business – expiring on 2021).

One of the main benefits is the reduction of complexity, prooved by a sensible drop in the number of emails and meetings, the decrease of the time dedicated to managing clients, and the reduction of client abandonment rate. Costs decrease too, while productivity improves. Stats show a consistent margin growth and upsell sales, a higher appeal to talents, and the enrichment of the company culture. SaaS solutions become fundamental in situations of remote work and teamwork, as they answer the need for accessibility of information and files. They give an important boost to the capacity of problem-solving too, thanks to peer-to-peer involvement and the sharing of skills, knowledge and experiences. Finally, storage capacity is unlimited.


Our offer

Beta 80 offoeors Employee Experience services in a Software as a Service (SaaS) logic.


We supports our clients throught the following phases:


Digital transformation for a modern workplace – we provide solutions and tools designed together with the final user for integrated work environments: information management, conferencing, meeting room redesigning, asset management


Platform customization –tailor-made solutions for a modern workplace, adapting to the business’ needs, and integrating services offered by third parties


Migration services – adoption following standard frameworks, users migration, mail content, documents and assets, still keeping a perfect integration with business identities management systems, taking advantage of market-leading tools and applying our best practices.


Consulting services – technological and process consulting for the adoption of new systems.