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Moving to cloud: a crucial choice

Cloud technology is at the foundation of digital transformation. For a company, to move means turning IT into a more efficient, flexible, measurable and reliable service.

Beta 80 aims to work closely with the customer to give added value to the business, achieve a higher ROI, and lower costs in the cloud adoption process.

Indeed, the complexity and potential costs often discourage businesses. Because a poorly planned, executed, or governed transition may lead to problems. This is why it’s so important to rely on the most appropriate tools and processes. In other words, to the right partner: Beta 80’s expertise.

Our partners


Beta 80 Group partners with two of the worthiest Cloud Providers in the world: AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft. Thanks to its skills, Beta 80 Group has achieved valuable certifications from these vendors that attest to their capabilities at 360°. Beta 80 Group offers solutions in the fields of SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure public cloud platforms, Beta 80 Group realizes projects with a public model (owned by the provider), private or hybrid. Thanks to the experience of Beta 80 Group, the client company can identify the most suitable provider and model, depending on performance needs, control features, or other requirements.

The potential of the cloud


By leveraging the knowledge of Cloud platforms, Beta 80 Group supports its customers in the digital transformation path through the re-engineering of the customer’s applications by approaches such as Replatforming, Refactoring, and Rebuilding, improving the IT infrastructures, their security, and their reliability, optimizing TCO and maximizing ROI.

The cloud offers a series of high value-added features that guarantee to satisfy business needs effectively, lowering time-to-market and costs. The introduction of these services within the business falls under what is called app modernization.

App modernization is a challenge many businesses face to stay competitive and innovative in the digital marketplace. However, it’s not just about retrofitting existing applications, it’s about making them future-ready and saving legacy investments. This is not a simple and linear process. There are different strategies and methodologies to deal with it, depending on the characteristics of the legacy applications, the objectives of the company, and the available resources.

App modernization must be used as an opportunity to optimize and make the most of cloud services by giving the possibility of adding further services in the future to give new insights to business users, for example, based on data logic, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Another aspect for which the cloud becomes a crucial ally is the resilience and security of the services offered. In the context of disaster recovery, there is a cost reduction in backups, emergency recoveries and business continuity; it also offers the possibility of having a copy of the same data in data centers in geographically different regions (for example, Italy and Ireland).

Immediate tangible benefits


Moving towards a cloud-based model helps to raise security levels of the data within the company, guarantee the best business continuity and collaboration, jointly with higher flexibility. This means a quicker time-to-market and a better performance, as potential inefficiencies caused by the running of different platforms are limited. Cloud solutions proposed by Beta 80 include a program, centralizing all equipment, optimizing its usage and distributing them in a controlled way. This saves costs and improves service performance. Finally, the company can count on immediate scalability, so that it’s easy to provide for temporary needs.

Another aspect benefitting from the cloud model is security, in particular for the areas of compliance and data safety. In situations of device damage and locally-saved data loss, the cloud model limits or avoids any damage.

Security administrators are enabled to define policies and intuitively analyze events.


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