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Cloud Enablement

— From accessibility to security.

Moving to cloud: a crucial choice

Cloud technology is at the foundations of digital transformation. For a company, to move means turning IT into a more efficient, flexible, measurable and reliable service. But the complexity and potential costs often discourage businesses. Because a poorly planned, executed or governed transition may lead to problems. This is why it’s so important to rely on the most appropriate tools and processes, and on the right partner: Beta 80’s expertise.

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Our partners

Beta 80 cloud storage portfolio offers Microsoft and Amazon products, all as SaaS solutions (Software as a Service), PaaS solutions (Platform as a Service), and IaaS solutions (Infrastructure as a Service). In particular, the cloud providers we proudly partner with are Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services). It’s possible to implement them in a public mode (provider as an owner), private or hybrid. Thanks to Beta 80’s experience, through the listening and the involvement in conversations with our clients, it’s possible to select the most appropriate partner, finding the potentially better performing mode, and the control features the client would need to activate, and so on. It’s important to flag that the usage of cloud storage services can save a company up to 60% compared to the on-premise storage. Costs turn from CapEx to OpEx and ROI is maximized.

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Cloud storage becomes a crucial ally in a disaster recovery situation, helping to reduce the costs of data backup, emergency restoration and business continuity; it also offers the possibility to execute data monitoring in different redundant websites in the cloud services provider’s network.

There is no need to start with a massive budget, as there are no anticipated costs but just a final balance, on a pay-as-you-go model. It’s possible to arrange an agreement on the service levels required (SLA – Service Level Agreement) and to share tables of amortization for future investments. A pilot phase helps to get familiar with the cloud, then the next steps are defined. To make a comparison, it’s fair to consider all costs of functioning of the company’s current IT structure (Total Cost of Ownership – TCO): structure costs (energy, cooling systems), professional workforce costs (System Engineers, LAN Experts), and so on.

Immediate tangible benefits

Moving towards a cloud model helps to boost the company’s data security levels, and to guarantee the best business continuity and collaboration, together with higher flexibility. This means a quicker time-to-market and a better performance, as potential inefficiencies caused by the usage of different platforms are limited. Cloud solutions proposed by Beta 80 include a program of complete updating, centralizing all equipment, optimizing the usage and distributing them in a controlled way. This saves costs and improves service performance. Finally, the company can count on immediate scalability, so that it’s easy to provide for temporary needs.

Another aspect benefitting from the cloud model is security, in particular for the areas of compliance and data safety. In situations of device damage and locally-saved data loss, the cloud model limits or avoids any damage.

Security administrators are enabled to define policies and intuitively analyze events. Protection schemes such as anti-virus and anti-malware systems are constantly updated, with a responsiveness that would be harder to perform with on-premise storage models.

Teamwork is hugely improved, as data accessibility is both allowed and controlled.