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— Flexibility and security.

The foundations of a digital transformation

Digital Transformation is the profound change of activities and organizational processes, skills and business models. It is made possible, in a strategic and priority way, by the mix of digital technologies available today. Among these is Cloud Computing, which allows you to accelerate the transformation of any type of company, democratizing technology, speeding up processes and improving the customer and employee experience. Beta 80 Group offers those activities and resources necessary to support the customer’s cloud journey, in order to select the correct cloud provider. It will thus be possible to migrate, create, operate, maintain and optimize your IT infrastructures using the right knowledge, skills and tools.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud technology is at the foundations of digital transformation. For a company, to move means turning IT into a more efficient, flexible, measurable and reliable service. But the complexity and potential costs often discourage businesses. Because a poorly planned, executed or governed transition may lead to problems. This is why it’s so important to rely on the most appropriate tools and processes, and on the right partner: Beta 80’s expertise.


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Employee Experience

The modern workplace goes beyond walls and distances, that’s why it needs appropriate solutions. The changes companies are facing are radical, and puts the person and their experience at the center. Avoiding any waste of time, guaranteeing security, answering to the team’s mobility needs: Beta 80’s approach is based on a SaaS model, with tools able to support the employee in an integrated way.


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