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Business Intelligence

— Certified data for clearer decisions.

Transforming data into valuable information

Gathering data and analyzing them in order to make strategic choices: our offered Business Intelligence project experiences aim to perfect and simplify both data discovery and data visualization processes. This helps define occurrences, patterns and anomalies, and helps support the company in taking conscious and data-driven decisions.

BI: from information to action

In 2019 the Analytics market touched the value of 1.7 billion euros, recording a growth of 23% compared to the preceding year, more than double compared to 2015 (790 million) and with an average annual growth rate of 21.3% in the past four years.

This given, it’s impossible not to consider all benefits Business Intelligence solutions can offer, starting with the improvement of the actions aimed at increasing revenues. Data can help to identify new market areas, to acquire new clients and to get better customer retention, or to optimize selling prices.

A correct data gathering and reading (data quality, certified data) can lead to speed decision-making, definitely a winning factor. Synthesis views rapidly highlighting results, patterns and anomalies can have a key role in supporting planning strategies, defining the objectives and improving internal processes.

Finally, thanks to data visualization systems and their visual/interactive approach, data reading and understanding become simpler.

Areas of interest and proposed tool

Business Intelligence main areas of interest touch aspects related to clients and market (industry segmentation, behaviors analysis, customer retention, identification selling areas), production (4.0 industry, implants and machines monitoring, maintenance optimization), competitors (data comparison, market share simulations), internal organization (monitoring of performances, optimization, operational efficiency), products (calibration of the sale price, improvement of production costs, automatisms for sales monitoring).

Beta 80’s coaching provides a collaboration path, able to offer tools to map both past and present situations, data analysis systems focusing on the future, tools to propose strategic solutions based on taken analysis, tools to independently implement the proposed action.

We offer two specific products:

Power BI (Microsoft) – both in self-service BI option mode, where individual lines of business and users are allowed to quickly define, produce and modify reports and dashboards, and in IT Managed mode thanks to the Embedded version

Qlik (Qlik View / Qlik Sense) –IT Managed BI solution, where the IT department has the responsibility to produce all reports.


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