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Simplifying operational complexities

IT organizations are responding to digital transformation by adopting more adequate IT monitoring tools than legacy ones. It is no longer enough to have vertical monitoring tools for specific domains that are unable to help organizations improve the user experience. Furthermore, one of the priorities of IT Operation is maximizing the availability of systems, and automation can make a great contribution. In this context, Beta 80 Group offers monitoring platforms based on AIOps technologies with an Observability approach, with the aim of identifying problems before they impact the business. Finally, reliability: delegating repetitive activities to IT automation allows you to limit potential errors: it increases customer satisfaction, service rating and consequently revenue.

Automating, then focusing on better tasks

The speed with which technology changes and perfects itself is a challenge for every IT department. For this reason, automating operations becomes a key factor of differentiation and competitive advantage. Because automation means being able to recover the resources necessary to manage the numerous technological changes and the continuous evolution of the business, reducing IT complexity.

The Beta 80 Group Operation Management and Automation solutions are the answer for the automation of various areas:

BMC Control-M and Broadcom ($Universe and Automic). Workload Automation (WLA): for automated management of transactions and tasks related to business processes. It is about automating and controlling application flows, allowing audits and optimization of execution. In this area we work with

Orchestration and Patching: to manage compliancy and vulnerabilities in an automated way in hybrid environments. Our solutions (MicroFocus and BMC) allow you to automate the complex operations of a datacenter, or centrally manage patching on heterogeneous environments.

Network Automation: to automate the entire life cycle of network devices, from provisioning to control of change policies, compliancy and administrative security. Working with MicroFocus Network Automation, we offer audits on configuration changes or automatic configuration of large-scale equipment.


Monitoring: everything under control

IT Operation must now go beyond the monitoring of monolithic infrastructural elements, it needs to face the natural dynamic expansion of the infrastructure. In this scenario, Gartner argues that “traditional monitoring systems capture and examine signals in relative isolation, with alerts linked to threshold or rate-of-change violations. The observability tools, on the other hand, make it possible to explain the unexpected behavior of the system more effectively ”.

Beta 80 Group, in addition to Open Source products, has chosen vendors such as Dynatrace, specialized in APM (Application Performance Monitoring) solutions, or Splunk, focused on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) products, which have made observability the key with which enable companies to reduce both the number of service interruptions and their impact and severity.

This is why Beta 80 Group can become a valuable partner in choosing the observability model that adequately responds to different situations.

Beta 80 Group supports the client company, studying its infrastructure in depth, so as to be able to advise and assist in the implementation of services such as digital experience monitoring, end user experience monitoring, application performance management, log management, network performance monitoring, AIOps and monitoring of cloud native applications.mance.


Beta 80 Group supports its customers in the modernization and transformation of their IT Operations and helps them reach the right level of maturity based on a reactive and automated approach. The ITOM & AIOps Competence Center supports customers through Proof of Concept, Projects, Consulting and Service Management, with a focus on Observability.


The introduction of monitoring based on an obeservability-oriented approach and the support of artificial intelligence can provide significant business benefits in an organization. For example:

  • Operations focus more on business needs, in a proactive rather than reactive perspective
  • MTTR is reduced to a minimum and Application Performance is measured and improved
  • The reduction of downtime improves customer satisfaction and therefore also their trust.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten how through IT Automation you can first of all obtain an easier reduction of costs and an increase in productivity, because the automation of workflows, eliminating the need for manual intervention, frees up the staff who can dedicate to more important projects.


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