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Operations Management

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Simplifying operational complexities

Power outage problems, network issues, human error or configuration mistakes: IT malfunctioning can seriously affect the performance of every technological product. This leads to revenue losses and the final client’s disappointment. That’s why it’s important to keep everything under control, and that’s why Beta 80 offers services for Operation Management Automation, Operation Monitoring & Performance, Infrastructure Management, Application Performance, Network Performance.

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Flavio Gatti

Line of Business Manager

Automating, then focusing on better tasks

The speed technology changes and improves with, is a challenge for every IT department. This is why to automate operativity becomes a crucial differentiating point and source of competitive advantage. To automate means to be able to dedicate the appropriate resources to the management of the several technological changes and the business continuous evolution, reducing IT complexity.



Beta 80’s solutions for Operation Management and Automation are designed to work on automation in different situations:


Workload Automation (WLA): for automated management of deals and business process-related tasks. It’s about automating and controlling applicative workflows, allowing audit and optimizing the execution. We work with BMC Control-M e Broadcom (both $Universe and Automic), here.


Orchestration and Patching: to manage compliancy and vulnerabilities with an automated approach in hybrid environments. Our solutions (Micro Focus and BMC) permit to automate datacenters complex operations or to manage centrally the patching across mixed environments.


Network Automation: to automate the whole lifecycle of all network devices, from provisioning to change, compliance and administrative security compliance control. Working with MicroFocus Network Automation, we offer audits on programming changings or automated equipment set up on a large scale.

Our services

Beta 80 can support our clients with the following approaches:

  • POC – we take inspiration from the monitoring of an application and a server, one per type.
  • project – we create a monitoring platform according to the business goals
  • services management – both as an AM mode and with platform tuning days
  •  consulting – assessments, migration/evolution plans, process and software evaluations. It is also possible to either create monitoring tools for clients who are at their first experience, or to make a consolidation through a platform that integrates various tools or replace them, partially or totally.

A further scenario is the service driven one, where the company moves from a purely event-based vision to a more service-centered vision, perhaps even through the introduction of discovery tools. Furthermore, from an infrastructural monitoring, it is possible to move on to a control of application performance, more related to the user experience (Application Performance); or, in a context where the customer works with a hybrid infrastructure, tools capable of including all technologies are proposed (Hybrid IT). Finally, for customers who have native cloud applications, it becomes interesting to introduce a kind of monitoring oriented to Operation Analytics (Automated AIOps Powered) and to an Autonomous Cloud Management methodology (Dynatrace).

Monitoring: everything under control

How much time and money are invested to identify issues or to fix malfunctionings after they have shown up annoying or even damaging the client. It’s possible to solve these through monitoring tools able to maintain correct control of all applications, to rapidly identify potential issues and even more rapidly solve them, before they are flagged by final users.

The market offers several monitoring tools. Beta 80 supports our clients, deeply studying their infrastructure, in order to be able to give advice and support in the implementation of services such as digital experience monitoring, end-user experience monitoring, application performance management, log management, network performance monitoring, AIOps.




In this context, the proposed solutions are Micro FocusOpenSourceSplunkBMCDynatraceAnodot and they focus on:


hybrid environments monitoring 


cloud-native applications monitoring


Artificial Intelligence


problem identification e anomaly detection


automatic remediation


network monitoring & performance.

Our benefits

One of IT Automation main benefits is an easier costs reduction and a growth of productivity. This is due to workflow automation, which removes the need for manual intervention, freeing employees and allowing them to dedicate to more important tasks. Also, the reach of the highest possible levels of availability is one of IT operations’ top priority. Automation can give a huge contribution to the reach of this objective: outages can have a serious impact on the business.

Reliability is another interesting benefit a client can count on: assigning repetitive, boring tasks – but crucial – to IT automation helps limit potential errors. Customer satisfaction benefits from automation, too, but also service rating does, and revenues, as a consequence. Operations can focus on real business needs, proactively rather than reactively. MTTR is highly reduced and Application Performance is measured and improved.