Corporate/ Life at Beta 80

Our Culture


Beyond expectations

People and work are central to our vision. Because Beta 80 constantly invests on people, focusing on the importance of every single talent, looking for trust and building a positive and ethic work-culture, improving conditions. We believe work allows people to express themselves, transforming reality, making it better, especially when one works with expertise, focus, passion and energy.

Caring foe people while caring for their experience within the company


Taking care of human capital means to respect our Employee Value Proposition. This is the sum of all of those tangible and intangible factors that build our staff’s experience in Beta 80 and make it unique.

In our programs, our HR and Business Unit teams focus on those elements allowing the professional to consider their experience in Beta 80 as one of the most valuable for their CV. This makes our collaborators choose to be part of this, every single day, and grow. Here are a few crucial points in our employees’ experience:

  • Our people can count on the possibility to be placed on projects and on-site for our most important clients, exercising the most advanced technical and managerial competencies. This guarantees both the client and the collaborator are well taken care of.


  • We strongly believe learning and professional development are key elements to guarantee competence within our activities. We also know our skills are important and they require to be cared for in a world that is constantly evolving.


  • We pledge every day in building a workplace – both physical and virtual – able to encourage any work need. We always do our best to offer comfortable and functional spaces for different activities, and virtual spaces able to evolve and support our collaborators’ needs and their deliveries.


  • Culture and values: we want our people to grow in reciprocal respect, dialogue and the ability to collaborate and evolve. We work to build a place where personal responsibility is stimulated, proactivity is promoted and growth is protected.

To leave a mark with one’s work


Human capital is our company’s main asset. To develop it is a duty for us, as it allows the organization and people to reach and exceed their goals. Here are our keywords:


  • Competence: our clients require value and we answer to that with our technical and managerial skills, often certified as the most up-to-date in the technological and managerial market. Our effort is to exceed expectations in facing challenges proposed by every project and service. And we do it making our name memorable because of the competence we offer. So that our client can proudly say: “This is from Beta 80”.


  • Responsibility: we believe the duty of full responsibility is the only thing able to teach one how to own a task with passion and how to govern what’s been consigned to them. This is only possible if the person is supported by the necessary respect, esteem and trust.


  • A constant dialogue: the growth in competences and responsibilities happens in a context of a constant dialogue, where first there’s a step behind in listening to the other person, then one towards them to support them, give them direction, urge them to deeply live their responsibility, whichever it is. For us, a dialogue means a feedback culture, as it allows us to build together a path that considers skills, desires and potentialities, to let responsibilities be taken clearly.


  • Being a protagonist: we encourage it, we search for it, we build it because we believe in the possibility for work as self-expression and as a way for the person to stand out. We strongly believe Beta 80 can reach its achievements thanks to all of our people and their way to interpret responsibility and work.