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Supervision and Control module

— Our Control 1st platform.

Supervision, operative continuity and decisional support

Special plants are mainly heterogenous, produced and installed by different operators at different times. Safeguarding a company’s resources checking on those plants is crucial, and precisely because they are particularly different, a unique technology is needed. It should be able to gather the whole control under just one system. This is Beta 80’s Control 1st’s approach: an offer with a holistic approach, dedicated to the healthcare world, too.

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All the benefits of a holistic and modular approach

Control 1st manages the functioning of any technological component and special plant. It can integrate tools for the ticketing, decisional support, operative continuity, asset management and energy. It’s a unique universal informatics solution, designed for a dialogue with any technology in the field. It adds value to security and automation infrastructures. Control 1st’s benefits are the following:

  • an easy interconnection with any plant, system, equipment, device or sensor
  • improved comprehension and promptness in the valuing of cases of interruption, operative continuity and emergency
  • a simplification and automation of operative procedures and regular and preventive maintenance
  • integrated ticketing and multi-level notifications
  • constant human resources deployment, low exercise costs and better accuracy in the decisional process
  • total control of the assets and energetic efficiency, possibility to add value to the infrastructure, ROI applicable
  • a simplified management of high volumes of data and information
  • better efficiency and improved global quality of services.

Among Control 1st main features there are maps and planimetry, together with the possibility of connection with any device. Finally, the operative and technological management of events and alerts and a series of further advanced functionalities.

The applicative modules Control 1st offers are:

The applicative modules Control 1st offers are:

  • Emergency
  • Editor for control graphic pages
  • Events and heterogenous alerts aggregator
  • Functional rules
  • Pragmatic actuation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Assets
  • Energetic consumptions
  • Thermoregulation
  • Recording of parameters
  • Virtual plants
  • Maps and planimetry
  • Connectors devices
  • Events and alarms
  • Report notifications
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Procedures
  • Users
  • Reports.


Besides those, Control 1st is dedicated to the healthcare world, with its specific Healthcare module, where technology becomes a key factor for secure management of complex health, clinic and pharmaceutical infrastructures. Most of the times, these work with heterogeneous systems dedicated to physical safety and healthcare industrial automation (biobanks, labs, operating rooms, pharmaceutical environments, and more).

To avoid any problem due to the fragmentation of applications and systems for the control of plants, Beta 80 offers a unique software for the supervision of the integrated management of the technological infrastructure. It focuses on:

  • protection of company and plant assets
  • safety of places or facilities of interest
  • monitoring of the operative flows and processes
  • monitoring of anomalies and plants
  • optimization of maintenance and operative flows
  • health workers’ safety.