Emergency/ 1st EXPAND


— Innovate interaction with caller


Bring operator and citizen closer.

With the advent of Next Generation 112, the need to respond promptly to requests for help in the territory has increased considerably, as has the greater attention paid to the quality of the operator’s response. The call interview between the operator and the citizen appears, therefore, no longer sufficient to offer a qualified and appropriate service.

Increase interaction.


Over the years, a variety of innovative technologies, such as ALI, AML or e-Call, have made it possible to take the first steps towards this important goal. However, these technologies have focused only on caller geolocation, neglecting a fundamental aspect: encouraging proximity between the PSAP operator and the citizen seeking help.

This is the context in which DinamiCall was born. It is a complete and interactive solution, designed for the dynamic management of the caller in an emergency or non-emergency situation.

Geolocation, messagging streaming.


DinamiCall responds to a new priority: enriching the interaction between the PSAP operator and the caller with innovative functionalities:

  • Geolocation and Tracking
  • Live Chat and Video Call
  • Two-Way Interaction
  • Remote Support
  • Call-Recorder

Once the citizen has contacted the emergency or public utility numbers, he will receive an SMS containing a certified link with which the PSAP operator can establish a DinamiCall. When the link is opened, the caller will be automatically directed to the default browser, which will allow the smartphone to be aligned with the DinamiCall server.