Warehouse Mgmt & SCM


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Today technologies make it possible to create very different warehouses. Stockager® Suite is built in a modular way, to give the customer the possibility to select the functions he needs. Real Time Location System and Carrier Manager, together with Pick To light, Automatic Picking and Voice Picking are the modules to build a Warehouse Management System according to your needs.

Carrier Manager

The need for simplifying and making the transition between production and shipment clearer is becoming more and more common within companies. Beta 80 offers Carrier Manager as an answer. This module creates a connection between the client’s management software and the selected couriers’ systems, delivering a smooth, transparent and integrated process.


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The warehouse of the future needs no barcode, and there are no mistakes at all. Pallets and forklifts are located with satellite GPS coordinates and/or Cartesian coordinates, and their position is always monitored in real-time. There is no need for extra manual operations. Designed to create such a warehouse, FGS uses geolocalization technologies allowing the system to know the position of every single forklift. This permits to memorize the stocking coordinates of each pallet, to count on an always updated physical and positional stock and a 3D map of the warehouse and the whole plant.


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Stockager® Suite has a radiofrequency module in which all the handling functions in a warehouse are available. Thanks to this component, the operators are guided in the processing phases according to either pre-established parameters or with indications provided in real time by the warehouse management.


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Yard Management

Yard Management is the Stockager® Suite module developed to manage and organize of vehicle flows both inbound (goods to be received) and outbound (goods to be shipped) from the logistic centers. Using Yard Management leads to reduced vehicle travel time, real-time geolocation, remote and multilingual communication and resource optimization.


DocSitter is the bot designed by Beta 80 Group to automate each company’s inbound logistics process, speeding up the loading of Bills of Lading into the system.