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— The evolution of emergency communication.

Next generation communication and connectivity

Beta 80 worked on the heart of the ESInet (Emergency Services IP Network) platform and is the first company in Europe to fully develop its key elements. Each component (ESRP, ECRF, LIS) has been tested and certified during plugtests at the ETSI headquarters and is ready to guide agencies in the transition to a more complete and information-rich emergency system. Beta 80, with the Response Centers of Trentino, Alto Adige, Tyrol, and Denmark, is an active part of the CELESTE (Cross-border Esinet and LoST Emergency Services Testing) project, showing how the new technology can improve caller localization results, adding multimedia content, such as videos and chats.

BETA 80 at the frontlines of the testing and promotion of NG112

Following the NENA, EENA, and subsequently ETSI TS 103 479 standards, Beta 80 goes beyond the developmental emergency management CAD software, shifting into the world of communications and connectivity.

Beta 80 has been at the forefront of Next Generation testing by participating in the NG112 Emergency Communications Plugtests ™ with different in-house software solutions. In 2019, Beta 80 was the only company among the participants to offer a complete suite of core components and test them in an end-to-end scenario.

In the future, emergency operations will focus on communications on IP technology (VoIP, VoLTE, etc.) also for operational centers, and on their treatment.


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