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— The evolution of emergency communication.

Last generation communication and connectivity

Imagine an emergency solution offering a native video call and chat service, and much more. Beta 80 – first in Europe – has been working on the core of the platform that will manage the services above. It’s called ESInet (Emergency Services IP Network) and we developed all of its funding elements. All components such as ESRP, ECRF, LIS have been tested and certified through plug tests at ETSI and now we are ready to lead the transition to a more complete emergency system.

Beta 80 has been partnering with Frequentis, Gridgears and rescue operative centers in Trentino, Alto Adige, Tirol and Denmark. Under the EENA supervision, we put into practice everything created during the plug tests in a project called CELESTE (Cross-border Esinet and LoST Emergency Services Testing). This showed how this new technology can improve caller locating results, adding multimedia content like video and chat service. It’s possible to find out more about this project here.

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IP technology as a key factor

Beta 80 has expanded its range of action: we went beyond the development of software for operational rooms with Life 1st, and we entered the communication and connectivity world, following all documents from NENA, EENA and then the European standard ETSI TS 103 479. The future design of emergency focuses on communications all based on IP technology (VoIP, VoLTE, and more), for operational centers too, and their work.