Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Add-on

Carrier Manager

— Integration with shipping systems.

From warehouse to destination smoothly

The need for simplifying and making the transition between production and shipment clearer is becoming more and more common within companies. Beta 80 offers Carrier Manager as an answer. This module creates a connection between the client’s management software and the selected couriers’ systems, delivering a smooth, transparent and integrated process.


Very often, while facing shipping processes, warehouses flag the need for the possibility to automatically provide tags in their final format, showing the correct item assignment to their final hubs. Warehouses also require the ability to add all information about the shipment tracking within the manufacturer’s systems. Carrier Manager is the answer. It helps in the exiting phase of lots, packages and boxes, through the delicate transition from warehouse to courier. The module appears as a hub uniting a HOST system and all the already implemented suppliers’ systems or future ones.


Based on information received at the beginning, Carrier Manager can produce data to be sent to the single couriers’ systems based on interfacing specs, defined by each service supplier.Carrier Manager also provides for the transcoding of the values ​​related to the specs of each different shipping system. Finally, the module offers the production of all necessary papers for the shipment, such as the waybill, making sure all shipping phases are under control.


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