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IT Service Management

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IT serving the business

Through market-leading ITSM solutions, we help organizations deliver IT services efficiently. To ensure smooth task flow, minimize costs, and reduce risks, we implement and customize processes according to the most reliable best practices, with particular reference to ITSM activities such as Incident Management, Request & Change Management, Problem Management, and service lifecycle management. Additionally, we support our clients in adopting ITIL practices.

The goals of ITSM

In the context of the Digital Transformation of services, ITSM responds to the dual objective of ensuring the sustainability of IT infrastructures and aligning business demands with the services provided by IT. To build a quality ITSM it is necessary to design services in a structured way and use integrated tools. High-level ITSM enables organizations to respond quickly to business needs, providing real, tangible value to end users.

A new relationship between IT and business

The adoption of ITSM tools allows for a transformation in the relationship between business and IT, evolving the latter from a mere service provider to a partner. Close collaboration between IT and business enables the company to achieve its business objectives more quickly. ITSM offers a broad set of practices capable of bringing efficiency and streamlining IT department activities: the impact on business of IT tasks is minimized; compliance with regulations is strengthened; and the ability to react quickly to market changes is improved.

The Beta 80 Group's 5 steps approach to ITSM

We specialize in the governance of IT Service Management systems and support the customer in designing the solution thanks to a structured approach.
We offer an end-to-end service that includes identification of technology platforms, consultancy for service design and training activities. Thanks to our ITIL certified professionals, we are able to implement all ITSM processes: Incident, Problem, Change, Asset, Release and SLA Management. We operate on both market leading platforms and Open Source solutions, with a structured 5-step approach:

  1. Consulting. We collaborate with the client to identify specific needs, business objectives and critical issues related to the management of IT services.
  2. ITSM platform selection. We help the customer identify the most suitable technology, taking into account the functional requirements, the size of the organization and the available budget.
  3. Design and development. We build a customized solution that works with existing IT processes, according to industry best practices. Subsequently, we implement the ITSM platform (design, configuration, customization), integrating it with other company systems.
  4. Automation. We identify processes that can be automated within ITSM to improve operational efficiency. This may include defining automated workflows to manage Incidents, Requests, Changes, etc.
  5. Support. We provide ongoing support after implementation for any critical issues during the go-live phase and for fine-tuning the solution.