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AIOps & Observability

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For a high-level Customer Experience

Detecting anomalies well in advance that can have negative impacts on customer experience and, consequently, on business. This is the goal of Beta 80’s AIOps and Observability services. Ensuring the performance of critical business processes is no longer sufficient to detect anomalies and trace back to the root cause. It is rather necessary to anticipate events and predict degradation with proactive actions. The use of Observability tools and Artificial Intelligence in Operations allows for identifying, containing, and correcting potentially harmful situations. This results in improving the customer experience and ensuring business outcomes.


The Digital Transformation imposes on companies the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the consequent adaptation of the Information Systems that support the business. The current scenario is characterized by increasingly complex application infrastructures, where the adoption of cloud technology has greatly enhanced processing capabilities. This results in a system in which interactions between various layers and distributed environments are significantly increasing. User services must meet high standards, and any degradation can impact customer experience and brand reputation. Furthermore, the rapid proliferation of orchestration platforms like Kubernetes, and the increasing volume of data to manage, make it increasingly challenging to control applications and infrastructures. The real challenge is therefore to structure monitoring activities on multiple levels to ensure the full efficiency of every component of the business service.

End-to-end Observability is the solution

In a microservices-based application environment, it is necessary to utilize tools capable of reconstructing the internal state of individual components from the outputs produced. Comprehensive observability is achieved by monitoring each service, its operational status, variations from the standard, and reconstructing the map of relationships and dependencies between various services.

This result is obtained through a 3-step approach:

  • Study the critical processes of the systems under consideration: each company has specific workflow.
  • Simplify monitoring processes by isolating performance indicative information.
  • Define error situations based on this data.

Beta 80 Group’s personalized, consulting approach entails that the observability system stems from an in-depth understanding of each client or business environment. In this way, the collected data will be relevant to the company’s typical business and provide valuable insights into critical processes.

Observability components

When correctly implemented, the Observability requires that the various components that contribute to determining business performance are monitored specifically. In this way it is possible to establish why an application presents malfunctions, and resolve critical issues more quickly and effectively:

  • Infrastructure Observability. Monitoring and automated resolution are based on Artificial Intelligence, capable of providing real-time visibility into applications, services and infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud. Infrastructure includes servers, containers, databases, storage, etc. so that support teams have all the data necessary to prevent critical issues and improve productivity and User Experience.
  • Application Observability. Application performance is monitored in real time, giving complete visibility on the most significant information, useful for guaranteeing high levels of User Experience: response times and any errors of the various application components; graphical representation of application components and their interaction; tracking user transactions; identification of root causes with the analysis of telemetry data (logs, traces, metrics); use of AI to analyze the impact on company business; identification of known vulnerabilities and blocking of possible attacks.
  • Network performance. Highly scalable real-time network management solutions, including several value-added features. The latter allow a reduction in MTTR – Mean Time To Recover and management costs:

– multy-layer network discovery;

– proactive monitoring ;

– root-cause automatic analysis;

– Physical, virtual and SDN – Software Defined Network provisioning and compliance;

– discovery and Fault and Change Detection;

– performance;

– change & compliance;

– process automation.

IOT/IIOT solutions for AIOps and Observability

Sensors and smart devices are spread within many facilities. Their combination forms IoT and Industrial IoT networks. Beta 80 Group provides platforms capable of analyzing telemetry data from sensors, connected devices, or ad hoc applications to detect recurring behaviors (patterns) and produce predictive reports for the benefit of the customer, supporting decisions in various sectors such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Energy & Utilities.