Emergency/ Control Rooms

Incident Mastery Platform

— Our Control 1st platform.


Supervision, business continuity and decisional support

Safety systems are almost always heterogeneous; produced and installed by different operators and at different times.

Safeguarding the company’s resources by controlling these tools is essential. However, because of their diversity in models and systems, control rooms require a special solution to integrate them in a single system.

This is exactly what Beta 80 Control 1st does: a platform to unite all available and preexisting technologies to bring you the most efficient and cost-saving tool to manage your incidents.

All the benefits of a holistic and modular approach

Control 1st manages all technological components and special systems. It integrates ticketing tools, decision support, business continuity, asset, and energy management. A unique and universal IT solution, designed to communicate with any technology and add value to security and automation infrastructures. The advantages of Control 1st are:

  • interconnection with any plant, system, apparatus, device or sensor
  • increased understanding and timeliness in the assessment of interruption of business continuity
  • simplification and automation of operating procedures and preventive maintenance
  • Integrated ticketing and multi-level notifications
  • limited use of human resources, low operating costs, and greater accuracy in the decision-making process
  • total asset control and energy efficiency, the ability to add value to the infrastructure, applicable ROI
  • simplified management of large volumes of data and information
  • increase in efficiency and an overall increase in the quality of the services provided.

Among the main features, we mention the geographical maps and floor plans, in addition to the ability to connect to any device. In addition, the operational and technological management of events and alarms and a series of further advanced functions.


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