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Citizen alert

— An app ecosystem for the community’s protection.

Alerting citizens and emergency workers

Communication to the citizen is a key factor for a successful management of Civil Defense activities. This applies in non-emergency times, when the need is to share auto-protection behaviors, and in urgency times, to notify alert situations or current events. Beta 80’s solutions offer specific modules to manage communications beyond the operational room and they mean to be citizen-friendly.

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To correctly communicate means to prevent

Beta 80’s alert solutions include different apps and notification systems. Among those, our smart notifications system is a tool allowing the alert to all different players involved in the emergency. The channels covered are both traditional (e-mail, SMS, push notifications) and social (Telegram, Twitter). Communications can then be used to execute calls, alert people, employ resources.

Our offer also includes ACT, an iOS and Android app dedicated to the operator, activating a dialogue with the local territory and the operative room. Thanks to ACT it’s possible to have a situational picture relating to what is happening, receive messages from the room or communicate structured reports. These are the features included:

  • situational picture consultation (events and ongoing alerts)
  • emergency reports assignment
  • role assignment, under the request of the operative room.

Our second app, Alert – for free both for iOS and Android – is dedicated to the citizen and it informs them about ongoing and planned events, and the correct behaviors to perform in emergency cases. Its communication with the operational room is guaranteed by our system Safety 1st. It includes the following features:

  • alerts and ongoing events consultation
  • send of emergency communication via push notification
  • consultation of behaviors and synthesis elements of the emergency plan.

Early Warning: sensors and social channels

Beta 80 constantly researches effective solutions to improve the speed of alert identifications, through our internal research activities and the collaboration with universities and research bodies. Now, in particular, we are working on the Turnkey project, a financial plan in the European program Horizon 2020. The ambition is not only to be able to notify citizens and rescue operators on the upcoming of an earthquake with a few seconds in advance, but also to offer the operational room an immediate situational picture to estimate damages or losses before the rescuers’ arrival at the location of event.

Early Warning is the result of a complex technology system, made with sensors and event receivers, able to warn authorities and citizens in advance. The scenario of Early Warning systems is evolving fast, thanks to two main factors: the first one is the development of IoT, which is introducing sensor systems at a much lower cost than in the past. The second one is the use of social media, able to transform citizens in virtual sensors and set a bidirectional communication with them. Beta 80 introduces both elements, developing technological solutions for the IoT and the use of social media, to optimize the communication related to dangerous situations.