Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Stockager® Suite


— Maximum speed for the automation of any warehouse.

For automatic warehouses

More and more widespread and sophisticated, automatic handling warehouses need impeccable technological solutions, capable of tracking every action and reducing time to a minimum, maximizing performance. To meet these needs, Beta 80 Group has created StockMatic, the Warehouse Control System module of the Stockager® Suite. Highly flexible and integrable with various automation systems, it is ideal for the management of automatic and semi-automatic warehouses, and already widely used in various product sectors.

Integrate technologies


StockMatic can be integrated with the most common technologies present in automatic control warehouses:

  • Miniload
  • Stacker cranes
  • Shuttle
  • Multi-depth satellite
  • AGV
  • Vertical warehouses
  • Compact warehouses
  • Cantilever warehouses
  • Autoguide
  • FO sorter
  • Shipping sorter


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