Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Stockager® Suite


— Personnel, warehouse and operations: everything under control


For traditional warehouses

Keep track of everything, minimize errors, speed up storage and picking operations, and make them more efficient. Whether it’s small or large warehouses, logistics must respond. StockMan is the solution, thanks to its configurability, both for existing systems, or those to be built from scratch.


Thanks to the new interface, the warehouse manager has immediate control of warehouse flows, stocks and scheduled activities during the shift. All relevant information (KPI) are displayed in a single screen.

Areas situation, that is the filling percentage of the warehouse areas defined at the installation time.

Daily productivity and handling. Represents the number of picking, storing and refilling operations carried out by operators during the day.

Monitoring, Handling. In terms of order-lines, the graph depicts the relationship between the work done/to be done today.

Connected Operators. This is the number of operators present per warehouse area.

Today’s Order Lines. It is the number of order lines processed every hour.

In addition to the current situation, the interface allows you to view the history of the different types of operations.


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