Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Add-on

Yard Management

— Optimize vehicle flows both inbound and outbound


To trace the best path

Yard Management is the Stockager® Suite module developed to manage and organize of vehicle flows both inbound (goods to be received) and outbound (goods to be shipped) from the logistic centers. Using Yard Management leads to reduced vehicle travel time, real-time geolocation, remote and multilingual communication and resource optimization.

Effective communication from the inside out

Yard Management addresses the need to track the optimal route for each carrier engaged in a specific task. A mobile device communicates directly with the driver and provides him with all the information needed, that is destinations to be reached and activities to be performed. Each request is immediately sent to the driver on his mobile device: to go to the weighbridge, dock for loading or unloading goods, stop at a particular yard, or report to the gatehouse for check-out operations. To ensure coordination between drivers and warehouse operators, the Yard Management module can generate automatic messages according to the route configuration and positioning confirmations forwarded by drivers. In case of special communications, on the other hand, the gatehouse operator may send orders manually to ensure effective and timely resolution of unforeseen situations.

Advanced tools

By geolocating vehicles and sharing yard mapping, Yard Management provides detailed visibility of all operations taking place outside the warehouse. Integration with external systems such as WMS, RFID readers, access controls, video cameras and weighbridges makes Yard Management a tool that can ensure perfect synchronization between activities inside and outside the warehouse. This achieves a major improvement in logistics processes and creates opportunities for growth.