Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Add-on


— Real-time handling control


To guide operations

Stockager® Suite has a radiofrequency module in which all the handling functions in a warehouse are available. Thanks to this component, the operators are guided in the processing phases according to either pre-established parameters or with indications provided in real time by the warehouse management.

Every kind of terminal


Thanks to the radiofrequency module, the stock is instantly updated and the positions of the various objects can be known at any time of the working day, in real time.

The terminals are used in combination with various technologies, which differ by distance (Short/Long Range) and barcode type (1D/2D). In this way, the various operational needs and are covered, along with the related handling devices.

Each operation is subject to immediate control, thus increasing the productivity and accuracy of the missions. Paper documents are eliminated, thus avoiding information that could get obsolete in the meantime: instructions are provided in real time, according to the handling needs.

All terminals on the market are managed, starting from the high-end ones, such as Zebra and Honeywell.

The radiofrequency module provides two different ways of presenting the masks.

Emulation Mode Vt100/220. This technology allows backwards compatibility with various terminals still present in the warehouses.

Android mode. The latest generation terminals are equipped with an Android operating system. The radiofrequency module is installed as an app on the device.



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