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IT Automation

— Benefits of automated management


Automation: why companies need it

Automating IT Department operations is a key factor in Digital Transformation. The speed of change demands that resources be dedicated to technological innovation and process transformation. IT Automation resolves the complexity of Information Systems through automated procedures and controls, enabling managers to focus on business needs.

Advantages of automated management

Digital Transformation has introduced new standards at the infrastructural, application and information flow management levels. Companies that possess advanced technological architectures must face important challenges: in a cloud-oriented context, applications are subject to dynamic changes; application loads are distributed across different environments such as mainframes, on-premise servers, cloud servers; large streams of data are produced to be synchronized with applications.

At the same time, it is necessary to guarantee the level of service required by end users and customers.

To exploit the great potential of Digital Transformation it is therefore necessary to choose platforms capable of automatically orchestrating and managing workloads, ensuring that all the environments involved (mainframe, server, devices, etc.) are constantly updated with the levels of more recent patches and, therefore, protected from any possible vulnerability.

The platforms for IT Automation

Beta 80 Group addresses the challenges of automation with various platforms tailored to the specific needs of each company. Workloads, data and application orchestration, patching level control, and automatic device management are implemented by our experts on best-of-breed platforms.

  • Workload Automation and Application Workflow Orchestration. BMC Control-M, HCL Workload Automation, HCL Universal Orchestrator, Stonebranch  and Universal Automation Center platforms enable the automatic management of tasks and procedures related to business processes. Application flows generated by business transactions are executed optimally, thanks to operation audits (balancing available processing resources) and automatically controlled for dependencies with other flows and applications.
  • Orchestration and Patching. The solutions based on OpenText, BMC and HCL platforms allow you to automatically manage update operations to ensure regulatory compliance and vulnerability detection in a data center. Patching tasks can be performed automatically in hybrid environments or be centrally managed across heterogeneous environments.
  • Network Automation. Through Open Text Network Automation, We offer large-scale audits on configuration changes or automatic configuration of devices. Our solutions allow for automating the entire lifecycle of network devices, from provisioning to change policy control, from compliance to administrative security.