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— Our new service for geolocating emergencies.

Identifying the position via smartphone

Giving citizens with difficulty the chance to communicate their position via SMS, extending the possibility to further channels: our AML service is revolutionizing the locating service in Emergency Centers. Beta 80 integrates this technology with operational rooms, following all specific European protocols.

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From SMS to a wider service

Our Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is revolutionizing the locating service in Emergency Centers. The service allows the caller to send automatically their position via SMS. This service, integrated with the operational room, helps react with better precision and rapidity, in remote or unknown areas too. Beta 80 is at the forefront in the integration of AML technology in operational rooms, following all specific European protocols.

In 2014 in the UK a little revolution took place in the world of emergency management: British Telecom, together with other companies, created AML service. Since then, all enabled smartphones can send an automatic SMS to 112 with their position coordinates, with no further actions required from the citizen. Google® and Apple® are actively collaborating to the project, enabling their smartphones to the service, one country at a time, while the service spreads.

Among the first in Europe

AML benefits are incredible. An AML smartphone recognizes an emergency call and identifies the best methods to locate the caller’s smartphone (via GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, triangulation of cells and more). It rapidly gathers all data about the position and sends then automatically to the emergency center, via SMS or HTTPS message. This is a huge time saver for the rescuers’ reaction, as they are activated earlier and with better precision.

The quality of this locating system can be up to ten times more accurate than a normal locating method based on the phone cell, which is currently used by emergency centers worldwide.

Beta 80 is among the first companies in Europe to integrate the AML system. Since 2016 AML technology is part of our emergency technological offer, together with our Suite Life 1st.