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Risk & Crisis Management – Control 1st

— With the incident mastery platform to safeguard your business


Risk prevention and control

Control 1st was created to allow organizations to detect and interpret information and data to support decision-making processes, act promptly and effectively, mitigating the immediate effects, and preventing their recurrence in the future.

Control 1st: correlating data for the appropriate response

Technology provides multiple information, describes and classifies incidents and situations that can impact an organization.

But information alone is not enough. Awareness is needed; that is the ability to correlate data from different sources to interpret reality and provide the most appropriate response.

Control 1st is the incident mastery platform that supports organizations in collecting data, correlating them appropriately, and offering the best decisions and actions to solve any type of situation.

The report component analyzes operations and procedures to review in real time the effectiveness of strategies.

Control 1st advantages

  • Real-time application of operating procedures
  • Timeliness and effectiveness in the treatment of events and incidents
  • No improvisation, low operational dexterity, real decision support
  • Ability to add value to the infrastructure
  • Low operating and routine maintenance costs, applicable evolutionary and preventive maintenance
  • Global increase in the quality of the services provided
  • Homogenised data and information that can be correlated and aggregated
  • Handling large volumes of high-efficiency data in complex scenarios
  • Assets permanently under control
  • Adaptability to the evolution of network infrastructures.


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