Corporate/ Life at Beta 80


— Technical and managerial learning: trainings and certifications.

A road to success

For a growing company that has been highly competitive for 30 years and is determined to stay so, development is necessary. Beta 80 believes in a diffuse growth culture. This is why we dedicate space to the spread of a performance management culture. Because what really counts is to direct collaborators towards a successful performance for their own growth and the company’s.

Professional training’s true goal is to start the spark of possibility. To encourage the person to say: “I can do something, I can be something”. Discovering it is possible to go beyond one’s limits, gives a lot of energy, allows the person to get new knowledge and skills and realize things they haven’t noticed before. What if the line at the horizon is pushed further? How to feed our desire for knowledge? Can learning just be at the institutional meaning of it? Can we really think in this time of fast changes training can be offered just by companies? We don’t believe so. Everyone must keep learning, stay up-to-date and not consider themselves arrived. Together with institutional training, Beta 80 builds spaces for discussion – physical and virtual – and encourages the sharing of knowledge through yearly initiatives and the rise of professional communities. This makes our company an organization that is always learning.

Ensuring growth

To manage collaborators means to work with them for quality performance and help them develop their skills. Our focus is – and stays – on development. The building of a quality relationship, the ability to operate in an environment of trust and constant feedback are crucial pillars to push people live what they are doing with responsibility, involvement and innovation.

Beta 80 offers two performance evaluation processes, dedicated to the most operative professionals and to those who manage people or results. Both tools are under a constant update process, so they can be adapted to changing needs and inevitable evolutions.



Evolving professionalities


Beta 80 counts on the most IT representative technological partners and it’s organized to let its professional operate with competence and a strong specialization.

In a world that is constantly changing. What I know today it’s not necessarily what I will need tomorrow. Any professionality becomes more and more T or M shaped, structured on different specializations and fluid, following a context that keeps evolving. This is why Beta 80 makes yearly investments in training and certifications becoming the person’s and the company’s heritage.

Beta 80, with 35 years of history and more than 600 collaborators, needs a middle management aware of its responsibilities, its resources and corporate strategy. In a word, it needs middle management where solidity is combined with strong effectiveness in supporting and supporting the change underway. In fact, middle management is a vehicle of culture and strategy, it represents the same leadership style of the company. It is therefore the management’s responsibility to support it with processes, tools and training, building a managerial and leadership culture suitable for a growing company operating in a business context where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity often dominate.


Training during the sanitary emergency


The 2020 sanitary emergency touched the learning world too, forcing companies, Beta 80 included, to reshape all planned training paths. Our choice has been not to give up on our certification programs and on the work with our middle management.

A seminar about managerial topics was planned, 80 colleagues have been originally involved. We reshaped the whole thing turning it into a webinar, allowing everyone to attend with a huge success.

Trust is a big keyword for our 2020; trust as an element that needs to be overwhelming in our work environments, as it leads to involvement, responsibility and creativity. Trust as a relational attitude, as a priority to work on every day and in the little things, and not just if the other person deserves it.

We believe it’s important to talk about such a crucial topic, never taking it for granted, as for Beta 80 trust has always been an important point to build quality long-time work relationships with our collaborators.

Technical certifications, Project Management and Service Management paths


Our yearly investments for training and certifications help our professional to be always up-to-date. All the new skills they gain become part of the person’s and the company’s heritage. We provide paths for every technical seniority level, with certification exams in the applicative world (especially Java and .NET), the infrastructural world (Microsoft and Cisco) and products (Informatica, Dynatrace, Splunk, Qlik View, and more).

We dedicate particular attention to middle management training, as well as for Project Managers and Service Managers. Their roles are crucial, as they must guarantee productivity, delivery quality and clients’ and teams’ satisfaction. This is why they need to be properly supported with processes, tools and training allowing them to bring an added value on the client and the team, with their government methods, too.

The methodologies we follow belong to the traditional PMI and Agile for Project Managers; to ITIL for Service Managers. Training on soft skills like communication and teams management is really important too, as well as the ability to use tools such as Project and MS Navision.

Finally, our Staff Meetings are an incredible chance to share experiences and the company strategies, offering our employees an extra learning opportunity.