Corporate/ Life at Beta 80


— Vision e conoscenze condivise.

Beta 80 Live

Beta 80’s experience offers many elements to build that social attitude that is important in keeping sharings productive, collaborations accurate and innovation ready. Some of them are ideal to promote knowledge sharing and constant improvement. Some others aim to self-awareness and brand promotion.

Participating in external events and organizing internal initiatives. Moments of sharing in the company life and the promotion of Beta 80 Group as a brand at events of the industry. “Communication, the human connection, is the key to personal and career success”. Everything is lived, shared and spread so that no richness of the life within the company gets lost.


To share our mission


When a new employee joins us they immediately get access to our neophyte seminar. This is a path introducing not only to our procedures and organizational structures. It’s an immersion upon the company history and values, the same ones that still make us a one of a kind reality in the national ICT scenario.

With a round table approach, it is a unique opportunity to learn from the company’s top management regarding this place, what we are doing and where we are heading to. But it’s also the chance to give their contribution in that first joining period, flagging what they noticed, what has met their expectations and what has been missing. Our goal is to always improve, through the voice of our collaborators, too.

In our life at Beta 80 Group, one of our key moments is our yearly All Hands-Kick Off. It takes place in the very beginning of the year, giving a perspective on the past one, launching the upcoming one, explaining our goals and Business Unit’s trends. We simply share our steps, our vision and what we want to bring in the world with an open language. It’s the opportunity to involve potentially everyone with extreme transparency. It’s our chance to stop and look at ourselves and get all of the aspects of our job united.



Beta 80 Live webinars


Since 2018, Beta 80 Group systematically promoted the concept of lifelong-learning within its programs. Following the Lisbon strategy, that set a milestone in this regards, we have chosen to sponsor knowledge sharing, through the promotion of internal communities, together with the calling for meet-ups where the discussed topics are chosen directly by Beta 80 Group collaborators and are explained by them or by external contributors. It is with a co-responsibility logic that we face those technical and innovative topics, together with the improvement of soft skill practices. It’s not supposed to be an alternative to institutional learning, still happening in the right ways.

It is rather a way to offer one’s cultural heritage with no hesitation, giving everyone interested the possibility to benefit from it. Since 2020, due to the Pandemic, we have had to organize them in a totally virtual way: this has given us the opportunity to have really special guests, which is not necessarily the case we could have involved otherwise! Since the beginning of 2020 we have carried out 32 webinars, involving 465 participants. The strengths of these moments are – in addition to the content – the possibility of interaction and sharing of experiences, which has transformed our webinars into an opportunity for meeting.


Christmas challenge & party, summer game


When we say “every occasion is good to celebrate!”. This is also the case for Beta 80 Group. The Pandemic has reduced our sociability, but not creativity. The desire to be together in informal contexts, outside the project contexts, gives rise to initiatives. At the end of 2020, 301 colleagues divided into 28 teams faced off in a virtual Christmas Challenge full of tests and puzzles to solve. At Christmas 282 people toasted in a virtual Teams room, exchanging greetings and playing together.