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That our business model works is shown not only by constant growth over time, but by the loyalty of our customers, confirmed year after year. In a sector that is evolving at high speed, we have chosen a positioning consistent with our mission: we are focused on areas of specialization, platforms either proprietary or best-of-breed, to be effective and excellent. We intercept emerging technological trends in advance and choose reliable and valuable partners.

Main figures

Founded in Milan in 1986.
Staff: 500+ collaborators.
Offices: 6 in Italy, 2 abroad.
2021 revenue: 58 million €.
Founders own the company at 100%.
Profits are 100% reinvested for the development of the company.

Revenues are generated almost entirely from proprietary products or services. Beta 80 Group accompanies national-level customers belonging  to specific market sectors in their Digital Transformation process.

Three Business Units



We support customers in their change roadmap and evolution towards the “Third Platform” with Best Practice, Agile approaches and innovative technologies. Our offer is focused on the 4 main enablers of Digital Transformation: Cloud, AIOps – Artificial Intelligence for Operations, Big Data and DevOps. A value proposition that ranges from Software & Data Management to IT Operations & Infrastructure. We support national-level companies in the Telco, Finance, Education, Large-scale distribution, Public Administration sectors.



A family of proprietary products for Emergency & Crisis management: Computer Aided Dispatch (Life 1st), Civil Defense(Safety 1st), Continuity of Care (Help 1st), Control Room (Control 1st). With over 25 years of experience, we are now able to offer technologies and organizational models to create control rooms both in the public and and in the private sector. In Italy we are leaders with the majority of health emergency control rooms, and our solutions have been adopted in several European nations. Beta 80 Group is a EENA – European Emergency Number Association member.





We have developed Stockager® Suite, the WMS proprietary technology used for the automation of either automatic or manual warehouses, with specific solutions for e-commerce warehouses. The Suite includes modules for Pick to Light, Voice Picking, Carrier Manager, Automatic Picking and FGS (Forklift Guidance System) for RTLS (Real Time Location System). As an SAP partner, we develop solutions and projects based on SAP EWM and SAP WM. We guarantee worldwide after-sales assistance 24x7x365. Active customers and projects are in Italy, Europe, Middle & Far East, USA, America, in the Food & Beverage, GDO, Pharma, Manufacturing, Design & Fashion, Logistics, e-commerce sectors.