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— Challenging ourselves every day to exceed expectations. Exceed IT.

Exceed it.

We face every single project, every challenge, always aiming to give the best of ourselves, to overcome limits and improve every day. To go beyond our and our customers’ expectations. Each work, each project is a journey in which we know we can leave a mark. With a curious spirit open to the future, which has always been and still is the cornerstone of the corporate culture: learning, comparing to improve and collaborate, first of all with our customers. This is why we always build long-term relationships, for a business project that lasts over time.

A step forward, every day.

Because every single step is a trace
we leave on our path.
Looking for new ideas.
Keeping learning.
Growing constantly.
A destination is just a starting point
for a new journey.

Only who is free can really make a difference.

The company follows a long-lasting entrepreneurial project, with a non-speculative approach.
Our associate partners own the 100% of the company.
Our operating profits have always been 100% reinvested for the development of the company. This way, the strategic and technological components of the company development bring benefits to every single collaborator, to our clients, to the whole company.
Our approach to the market has always started from a constructive dialogue and not from a challenging attitude. To us, every client, every partner, every competitor is a chance for a mutual comparison and not an enemy to beat.

We’ve got the numbers to grow.

> 52 million € revenues.
> 500 people.
> 20 countries.

The company opertes through three business unita and one legal entity.
ICT Solutions: Cloud, AIOps, BigData & Analytics, DevOps.
Warehouse Mgmt & Supply Chain Management: Traditional warehouses, Automatic warehouses, SAP.
Emergency: Public Safety Answering Points, Civil Protection, Non-Emergency Healthcare, Control Rooms.

Technology goes forward, we take it in reverse.

Only who has imagined the future yesterday can call themselves ready today.
We must count on skills to catch emerging trends.
And deeply believe it.
Investing to study, innovate and apply technologies to answer our clients’ goals.
And keeping training today those professionals that will answer your challenges tomorrow.

Our clients and us. Mutual attraction.

20 of our top 25 customers have been partners for over 15 years.
The others come from more recent acquisitions with which we aim to build equally lasting partnerships.
We are sure that a dialogue and a continuous conversation are essential to offer the support and advice our customers really need.
To offer added value exactly where it is needed and to achieve objectives by going beyond expectations.