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Stockager® Suite, all-in-one

In one platform, everything needed to create the Warehouse Management System. Within Stockager® Suite, different modules can be activated according to your business and/or operational needs, thus making the system scalable and adaptable to multiple logistic scenarios. Stockager™ Suite allows either on-premise or cloud installations. With more than 150 active projects worldwide, our solutions increase operational efficiency and improve inventory control. Each plant has specific needs and the Stockager® Suite platform provides a series of modules, which can be activated according to customer needs.

Stockager® Suite for traditional warehouses, DC automated or hybrid.


Stockager® Suite, thanks to the StockMan and StockMatic modules, allows you to manage both traditional and automatic warehouses, Distribution Centers or a hybrid configuration.

StockMan is the Stockagerv™ Suite’s module for traditional warehouse management.

StockMatic for the management of automated warehouses, equipped with stacker cranes.

Add-on’s, all the benefits.


Design your warehouse.Stockager™ Suite is an all-in-one platform with modules that can be activated as needed, to design the warehouse that best supports your business. Starting with manual, automatic or hybrid configuration warehouse, you can activate specific features that match your workflow. Click on the icons, find out how to optimize the process in your warehouse.

RF module, to use radiofrequency devices and real-time handling through barcodes.  |  RFID module, to recoginze every objedt in all warehouse flows. It can be used in combination with RF module or integrated automatic reading systems through gates or tunnels. |  RTLS module (Real Time Location System), available both indoor and outdoor. It allows object localization through georeferencing, thus eliminating barcodes at all. |  Voice module, that allows handling process management through headphones and microphones; operators work hands-free, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. |  PTL module, where a lighting signal guides operators in picking and  releasing goods. There are three different ways to work: Pick to Light (direct picking), Put to Light (sorting after massive picking), Immediate Put to Light (multiple direct picking with equipped carts). |   LGV module (Laser Guided Vehicle), that allows LGV and AGV (Automated Guided Veichile) mision control. |  CM module (Carrier Manager). It can be connected real-time with different carrier systems and generate shipping documents according to the carrier’s required format. | Yard Management module  manage and organize of vehicle flows both inbound and outbound from the logistic centers.