Warehouse Mgmt & SCM

Stockager® Suite

— Flexible solutions for automatic and manual warehouses

Full functional coverage

Beta 80 Group has developed the proprietary Stockager® Suite platform. Modular, highly configurable and flexible, it is suitable for any warehouse and can be integrated with existing IT systems. This is in order to facilitate as much as possible the operation of the staff in the warehouse or distribution center. The Suite allows you to adapt in the best way to the different types of warehouse, the different physical layouts, the production flows and the shipping methods.


In one platform, everything needed to create the Warehouse Management System. Within Stockager® Suite, different modules can be activated according to your business and/or operational needs, thus making the system scalable and adaptable to multiple logistic scenarios. Stockager™ Suite allows either on-premise or cloud installations. With more than 150 active projects worldwide, our solutions increase operational efficiency and improve inventory control. Each plant has specific needs and the Stockager® Suite platform provides a series of modules, which can be activated according to customer needs.


Keep track of everything, minimize errors, speed up storage and picking operations, and make them more efficient. Whether it’s small or large warehouses, logistics must respond. StockMan is the solution, thanks to its configurability, both for existing systems, or those to be built from scratch.


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More and more widespread and sophisticated, automatic handling warehouses need impeccable technological solutions, capable of tracking every action and reducing time to a minimum, maximizing performance. To meet these needs, Beta 80 Group has created StockMatic, the Warehouse Control System module of the Stockager® Suite. Highly flexible and integrable with various automation systems, it is ideal for the management of automatic and semi-automatic warehouses, and already widely used in various product sectors.


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