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Automatic picking

— Lightening employees, minimizing errors.


Handlinh with robots

The use of Automatic Picking systems in warehouses is becoming more and more crucial in relieving the operators from heavy and repetitive tasks. By acting on the removal of pallets, single and layered packages, the staff intervention is reduced and the quality control is more and more precise and accurate.

Automating and simplifying


Beta 80’s Automatic Picking module (PAU) is included with Stockager® Suite and is able to control, coordinate and synchronize systems for the automatic stockage of palletsdestruction systems and package singularization systems.

This makes possible to get a controlled and synchronized sequence for the creation of the clients’ order. For each order line to be prepared in the automatic picking system and based on the properties of the item, the PAU module calculates the portion to be shipped in layers and in a single package. Through the registry it is possible to determine whether layered pickings can be managed rather than single-necked pickings, and/or those in vertical warehouses. Based on these data and according to the quantities to sort, the PAU method anticipates the preparation phase so that the loading on vehicles can happen faster. Also, the module automatically starts refilling procedures from the central warehouses.

An Automatic Picking system can be made up of various components: full pallet infeed lines from storage warehouses; film cutting stations; de-palletizing/palletizing robots in layers and for mixed packages; systems for transporting pallets; automatic pallet/layer and/or single package warehouse; systems for the transport of single packages; wells for creating pallets for mixed packages; vertical warehouses; automatic filming, labeling and weighing lines for shipping; manual warehouses for items out of shape or not manageable in automatic picking.



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