Warehouse Mgmt & SCM/ Add-on


— Control, optimization and security for forklifts fleets


FGS: geolocalizing means maximizing

The warehouse of the future needs no barcode, and there are no mistakes at all. Pallets and forklifts are located with satellite GPS coordinates and/or Cartesian coordinates, and their position is always monitored in real-time. There is no need for extra manual operations. Designed to create such a warehouse, FGS uses geolocalization technologies allowing the system to know the position of every single forklift. This permits to memorize the stocking coordinates of each pallet, to count on an always updated physical and positional stock and a 3D map of the warehouse and the whole plant.

Geolocalizing forklifts and carts


As a part of Stockager® Suite, Forklift Guidance System (FGS) module includes: FGS server, in background execution on the server; FGS desktop, dedicated to the warehouse supervisor; FGS Forklift, dedicated to forklift drivers.

These allow real-time monitoring of the positions and operations of the forklifts.

It gives clear instructions to forklift drivers, using 3D graphics, speeding-up missions and cancelling barcode reading times. It also shows the path to the exact pallets picking/putting locations. This is very useful both when managing multi-lots stacks and when considering security, thanks to our anti-collision alerts.

Finally, XY coordinates calculating devices, fork height sensors (Z coordinate), pallet sensors on the forks, gyroscope (to calculate the rotation of the forklift), cart terminal: all these features are installed on carts equipped with RTLS (Real Time Locating System).


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