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Data Value

— Certified data for clearer decisions


Transforming data into valuable information

Collecting data and analyzing it in order to make strategic decisions. The design experiences of Business Intelligence that we propose aim to refine and simplify both data discovery and data visualization processes, so as to identify phenomena, patterns, and anomalies, and support the company in making informed and data-driven decisions.


In 2019, the Analytics market reached a value of 1.7 billion euros, recording a 23% growth compared to the previous year and more than double compared to 2015 (790 million), with an average annual growth rate of 21.3% over the last four years. It has thus become impossible not to consider the benefits that Business Intelligence solutions can offer. Starting economically, from improving actions aimed at increasing revenues. Data can indeed help identify new market areas, acquire new customers and retain existing ones, or optimize sales prices. Proper data collection and analysis (data quality, certified data) can lead to decision-making speed that can prove to be successful, as well as providing summary views that quickly highlight results, trends, and anomalies, thus playing a key role in supporting planning strategies, goal setting, and improving internal processes. Furthermore, thanks to data visualization systems and their visual/interactive approach to graphical representation of data, reading and understanding become more immediate.


The areas of greatest interest in terms of Business Intelligence concern aspects relating to customers and the market (industry segmentation, behavior analysis, customer retention, identification of sales areas), production (industry 4.0, monitoring of plants and machinery, maintenance optimization), competition (data comparison, market share simulations), internal organization: performance monitoring, optimization, operational efficiency), products (sales price calibration, improvement of production costs, automation for sales monitoring).

The collaboration with Beta 80 involves a collaborative process capable of providing tools to map the previous and current situation, advanced systems for data analysis with a focus on the future, tools to propose strategic solutions based on the analyses carried out, and finally tools to independently implement the proposed action.

Beta 80’s offering consists of two specific products:

Power BI (Microsoft) – It is offered in both self-service BI option mode, where individual lines of business and users are allowed to define, produce, and quickly modify reports and dashboards, and in IT Managed mode, thanks to the Embedded version..

Qlik (Qlik View/Qlik Sense) – IT Managed BI solution, in which the IT department is responsible for providing all reports.


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