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The business of the future invests on its collaborators’ experience

The modern workplace goes beyond walls and distances, that’s why it needs appropriate solutions. The changes companies are facing are radical, and puts the person and their experience at the center. Avoiding any waste of time, guaranteeing security, answering to the team’s mobility needs: Beta 80’s approach is based on a SaaS model, with tools able to support the employee in an integrated way.


Stats say that in the next 10 years 35% of the so-called white collars will mainly work remotely and that 60% of SMEs will adopt solutions to support their workers in mobility. This is why collaboration, communication and conferencing solutions hosted in the high-performance Cloud will be increasingly vital for every business. Indeed, they already are. To cope with this, Beta 80 offers the Microsoft 365 package. As a Microsoft Partner, we provide services in the Platform (installation, migration, licensing, governance, consulting, training), Collaboration (Teams, Sharepoint, One Drive), Communication (Outlook), Enterprise voice (Teams Direct Routing and Calling Plans).

Among the advantages, the decrease in complexity stands out, witnessed by a proven reduction in e-mails and meetings, in customer management times and in the abandonment rate of the latter. Costs are lowered, while productivity improves: the statistics show a greater growth in margin and upsell sales, greater attractiveness for talents, and the enrichment of corporate culture. SaaS solutions become fundamental in remote and/or team work situations, because they meet the needs of accessibility of information and materials, as well as a proven improvement in problem solving, thanks to peer-to-peer involvement and sharing of skills, knowledge and experience. Finally, the storage capacity is unlimited.

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Beta 80 Group offers Employee Experience services based on Software as a Service (SaaS) logic. Specifically, we assist the client company and support it in the phases of:

Digital transformation of the modern workplace – We provide solutions and tools designed together with the user, for integrated work environments: information management, conferencing, redesign of meeting rooms, asset management.

Platform customization – Tailor made solutions for the modern workplace, with a view to adapting to business needs, with integration of services offered by third parties.

Migration services – Adoption according to standard frameworks, user migration, mail content, documents, assets (including historicized), while maintaining integration with corporate identity management systems, using market-leading tools and applying best practices.

Consulting services – Technological and process consulting activities aimed at adopting new systems, defining the Governance and Security Posture in order to exploit all the tools, ensure the highest level of security and full control of the platform.


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