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Managing non emergency medical calls

For the response to non-urgent but non-deferrable calls, Beta 80 offers Help 1st, a complete software suite to support call takers in managing the available resources in the best possible way.

Help 1st offers a single access point to respond to requests for information or services from citizens for complete and structured continuity of care.

The goal is to support agencies to ensure quality service in the territorial network, favoring the integration of basic medicine, emergency, and hospital services with a special focus on the development of single European 116 117 call centers.

Help 1st for 116117 PSAPs

116117 is the European number of non-urgent healthcare services and of continuity of care, that is, of low intensity and priority.

The 116117 number replaces all historic toll-free numbers: out-of-hours medical services, tourist guards, specialized call centers, information, and support toll-free numbers.

Help 1st lets you manage the call interview and resolve the inquiry quickly and appropriately.

It offers the PSAP a complete management platform to assist the citizen in retrieving the right information or service, improving the non-emergency assistance to the community.

Help 1st for Planned Patient Transport

Transporting those in need of care is not easy: it is essential to take into account the patient needs, the support staff, the equipment, the agenda, and the most suitable route.

Help 1st for planned patient transport helps in the booking of the transfer, providing effective and punctual options in every detail.

The application system can be integrated way with the emergency PSAP service and can be managed directly by the care facilities or through third-party associations.


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