Disclaimer mail

Content and attachments of this e-mail is company confidential restricted to Beta 80 Group staff and business partners, better specified in the mail recipient list. Forwarding or disclosure of the content and attachments to other recipients is not allowed in any way. Any information content in reply to this mail may be shared within Beta 80 Group staff or business partners. If you consider that this mail is not appropriate or is sent to you by error, please let us know forwarding the email to privacy@beta80group.it, or printing and sending by fax to +39/02/25202301.  Beta 80 Group take seriously protection of personal data and comply to the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 “GDPR Regulation” and all other applicable laws and regulations. For fair and transparent personal data processing, Beta 80 informs that is Controller of personal data collected for business relationship, contract administration and all similar legal and fiscal dues. Personal data processing purposes pursue contracts fulfillment and marketing communications of Beta 80 Group market proposal. Any personal data subject recipient of Beta 80 Group marketing communication can exert GDPR rights of data processing (personal data access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, etc.) contacting by e-mail privacy@beta80group.it. The current Privacy policy, available through this link, contains further information about Beta 80 personal data processing for business purposes.