Corporate/ Life at Beta 80


— Specialized training.

Education, to employ

Hired, immediately. This is what Beta 80’s Academies are designed for, together with specialized partners. Technology professionals and soft skills trainers plan paths able to bring you into the core of the company, training on the most leading technologies.



In a landscape characterized by the lack of specialized resources, common to all ICT companies, the Academies are a useful tool to reduce the gap between the school / university world and the business world. Academies are also a way to retrain staff.

The topics covered by our campuses are many: software development (Java, .net), knowledge of products and platforms (SAP), the Cloud. We face them with internal teachers or those belonging to partner companies.

This is how our young professionals are born. They then enter the company and continue their training path through the support of tutors and following the certification paths.