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Voice Picking

— Vocal commands for hands-free operations.

Instructions and data, all via headphones

Transmitting and receiving messages via headphones, removing any other support and allowing the employee to work using both hands. Our Voice Picking technology, installable on Android and Windows mobile devices, does not require any training and let operators work with clear and short instructions, optimizing both picking and putting, with all the comfort of working hands-free.

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Command: from listening to action

Our Voice Picking technology allows the operator to interact with the system by receiving and sending vocal commands, transmitting them to the specific picking and putting locations. The precise location appears as a code, so that all instructions can be as short and clear as possible. On identification labels, the locating code shows just a two-figures code (checksum): the employees read it out loud to check the location is correct.

This solution replaces the usage of laser readers, and employees will be able to get whole working cycles completed. Everything hands-free, the whole time. This technology doesn’t require any user training and performs excellently even in the louder industrial environments, thanks to its last generation microphones designed to filter potential disturbing noises from the surrounding and to register and transmit the message.

The technology behind Voice Picking

Our Voice Picking module is natively integrated with Stockager® through specifically designed commercial devices. The system is supported by a vocal recognition software, installable both on Android and Windows mobile devices. Once started, the system connects to the server and receives data, transmitted through the composition of masks. This allows the development of a unique system, whether it’s used in video or voice mode.

Then data are analyzed searching any related information, like for example a message to be read out loud or any command of hardware setting, or how to change the headphones volume. Also, the system listens to the users and whenever it recognizes a vocal command, it turns it into a code and sends it to the server emulating a keyboard. We use Nuance as our vocal motors for automatic recognition of the voice (ASR) and vocal synthesis (TTS).