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Pick To Light

— Screens and lighting signals for picking at a glance.

Clearer instructions, easier operations

There are cases when picking instructions are not automated. They may not be communicated with precision, maybe they are on paper sheets or several confusing supports. Then instructing the employees becomes very hard, and the risk of making mistakes gets higher.
This is why Beta 80 offers our PTL technology, in three specific modules. They all feature a lighting signal to guide both picking and sorting operations, to define the groupage and to manage multi-order carts.

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Integrated technology, clearer instructions

To avoid any confusion and mistakes and to allow employees to work hands-free with precision, Beta 80 offers our PTL technology. It is integrated with both our proprietary platforms dedicated to traditional warehouses (Stockager®) and automated (Runner). Its interface allows the user to combine it with other WMS systems.

All modules offer a range of picking devices counting more than 70 different parts. It’s possible to select the most appropriate ones according to the need: colors, function keys, buttons, numeric or alphanumeric displays, of different lengths. Wide usage modularity is permitted by different kinds of concentrators, connectable in cascade. All devices slide on dedicated rails. Further PTL wireless modules are integrable.

Three ways to work

Pick To Light (direct picking): a lighting device and a display are placed on each picking location. They instruct the employee on pickings and quantities. This way, the agent can work hands-free and, once completed the mission, they are immediately instructed about the details of the next one, thanks to the lighting signals.

Put To Light (sorting after massive picking): this module works with the same functions with lighting signals and displays, but it’s best used when the picking is massive, with groupings of numbers of parametric orders. Sorting positions are built by a work table complete with containers. Once all required products are there, the employee can dedicate to identifying each item with their scanner. The system will then locate its precise destination and will guide the operator in positioning it.

Immediate Put To Light (multiple direct picking with equipped carts): it consists in giving the pickers some carts equipped with a communication and identification device (PC panel complete with a barcode reader or RFID tag). All information will be displayed there, so that the employee will be able to operate hands-free.