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To all clients choosing SAP, Beta 80 steps forward as an official partner for the implementation of warehouse systems, developing SAP SCM, WM and EWM projects, both on ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA. We achieve efficient automation in stocking and handling activities, to get the highest flexibility and efficiency. It’s then possible to count on just one integrated system, able to answer quickly and allow better control over the logistic processes.

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Integrations: variety and quality of our offer

Whether it’s about non-complex warehouses or big Distribution Centers, Beta 80 Group can develop any project with SAP technology. Particularly, with SAP EWM it’s possible to answer to companies’ all main logistic needs guaranteeing the higher flexibility and efficiency of all activities, thanks to a mix of automations.

The offer includes six lines of projects:

  • solutions for SAP clients based on SAP SCM, SAP WM, decentralized SAP EWM or integrated into S/4HANA
  • migration from integrated SAP WM in ECC 6.0 to integrated SAP EWM in S/4HANA
  • solutions for clients with non-SAP ERPs based on decentralized SAP EWM
  • consulting on operative processes and reclassification as SAP SCM, WM, EWM
  • integration of SAP WM and EWM with new technologies: RFID, Voice Picking, Augmented Reality, RTLS, automated warehouses control plats
  • assistance and maintenance of implemented solutions, according to shared SLA and KPI.


In the Supply Chain area, SAP EWM features include the integration with a multi-warehouse, multi-owner and multi-ERP management; dock appointment scheduling; yard management; cross-docking and transhipment; transportation management; global trade services.

The integration of business processes is possible with non-SAP ERP systems too, via other crucial functional areas, such as the support to Make-To-StockMake-To-Order and Assembly-To-Order processes and VMI; support and finalization of Value Added Services; dynamic resource management and planning (Labor Management); reporting and billing support for services for logistics operators (Warehouse Billing).