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— Maximum speed for the automation of every kind of warehouse.

30 years of automation projects

Avoiding wasting time and resources: Runner is Beta 80 solution for the automated warehouse. A system starting with the analysis of logistic data and the deep check of processes. So that it’s able to design logics for tailor-made management. The result is the full control of all structures and the perfect optimization of stocks and pickings.

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Thanks to its modular structure, Runner has been chosen by the most complex logistic centers in Italy. The system’s level of maturity is recognized by several partners experts in various aspects of the automation industry. Runner works 100% independently from the hardware of the structure and it never limits the client in their choices. It’s easily integrable with most ERP systems and it’s often used on pre-existing structures, on a phase of logic refurnishment.

The extreme variety of worldwide installations brought Runner to consolidate a few specific best practices according to the commodity sector it’s applied to, whether it’s Food & Beverage, Industry, Manufacture, Pharmaceutical, Logistics for third parties, Fashion, E-commerce.
Finally, Runner offers a series of field simulators, allowing our Research & Development team to test it on the most common structure situations. This permits a smooth and sure start, which is particularly important when working on revamping cases, which are often postponed because of the potential risks of a production stop.

Runner: technical coverage

Runner offers a clear and user-friendly graphic interface. Users can operate easily, after a quick training session. The system simplifies manual tasks and lets the structure managers concentrate just on supervising processes. In manual handling areas, productivity is natively supported by handheld/ vehicular/voice radio terminals, RFID devices and Pick & Put To Light subsystems.

Runner manages the most popular automated technologies: stacker cranes, mini loads, shuttles, sorters, vertical warehouses, AGVs, systems for handling and sorting hanging garments, trolley control systems with localization, internal transport with trolley or roller-chains, multilayer palletizing, vertical containers. Its configuration comes from an accurate analysis of logistic data and processes, to get all structures full control and high efficiency.

Runner includes:

  • Warehouse Management System: overseeing warehouse handlings, both for the automatic part and for all areas where handheld, vehicle or voice terminals are used (reception areas, shipments or conventional stocking)
  • Material Flow Controller (MFC): transferring the WMS logic commands to the handling systems, coordinating and optimizing workflows
  • Dedicated modules: these can be integrated for every kind of handling equipment.