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— Employees, warehouse and operations: everything under control.

Stockager®: traceability and communication

Keeping trace of all details, minimizing potential mistakes, speeding up stocking and picking operations, and making them more efficient. Whether it’s working for a middle-sized or a big warehouse, logistics need to answer. Stockager® is the solution, thanks to its highly customizable technology, either if it’s for currently existing systems, or to be built from scratch.



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Alessandro Annibaletti

Business Unit Director

Available technologies and modules

Different warehouses call for diverse solutions. That’s why Stockager® proposes different modules and allows the client to choose the ones that suit their needs best. Some examples:


  • RFID module, offering all features to manage warehouse products


  • RTLS technology (Real-Time Locating System), allowing the localization of pallets through georeferenced coordinates: no barcode reading needed


  • Voice terminals module, enabling the audio management of handlings and allowing all employees working hands-free, saving time and avoiding potential mistakes


  • Three different light picking modules, where a lighting signal leads both picking and sorting operations, to define the groupage and manage multi-order carts. Our working models are: Pick to Light module (for direct picking), Put to Light (for sorting after a massive picking), and Immediate Put to Light (for multiple picking with equipped carts).

A tailor-made system

How great it would be to be able to count on a complete traceability of every single item, through its whole path within the warehouse. And how important is to support employees in all of their handlings, and to maximize efficiency. These are the needs our proprietary platform Stockager® can answer to.

The detailed control enables a strong increase in productivity and high precision in picking or sortation operations. It lets the system offer analytics and statistics useful to plan the right workload, the right amount of people involved, and precise control of the KPIs.

Stockager® is dedicated both to single and distributed warehouses, of the size of 5-250 users. It’s chosen by clients worldwide, that’s why it’s available in all languages, even all Asian ones. It’s totally usable via the web, from every browser. And it’s completely integrable with all solutions from the Beta 80 Group’s SCM Suite, and all ERP systems available in the market.

Stockager® answers to the need of customization for different warehouses with a high level of flexibility and parameterization in its set up, enabling the system to adapt easily to different situations. Finally, every client can count on our dedicated customer service, available up to 24x7x365.